The Good Form Tax Appeal

The TaxBack Good Form

Now, just with your signature, you can help people living with MS 

  • Whether you are PAYE or Self-Assessed, MS Ireland can claim tax relief on your donation.
  • If your donations amount to €250 or more in a year they could be worth an extra 45% to MS Ireland.
  • By signing The Good Form Enduring Certificate, we can then claim tax relief on your donations (totalling €250 or more in any year) for a 5-year period (if tax has been paid).
  • This is at no extra cost to you!
  • The form does not commit you to pay anything - it simply enables tax relief if you donate €250+ in any of the five years.

How tax relief can grow your donation:

The chart below shows how the value of your donation increases when you complete The Good Form and MS Ireland reclaims the charity tax back on your gift.

Value of a donation amount of... increases (after tax claim) to...
€250 €362
€500 €724
€1,000 €1,449

Please Note: There is no limit to the number of eligible good causes who can claim tax relief on your donations (provided you pay at least the total amount in tax) – so, if you gave €250+ to other charities, please complete each CHY Form you receive from them too.

For further information

Email or refer to the notes at the end of

Old scheme:

If you gave €250+ and paid PAYE in any of the years 2011-2012 and haven’t already completed the old form for each year, you can download the old form here. Please return soon as we can only claim up to 4 years in arrears (e.g. Dec 2015 is latest date we can claim for 2011 donations).

Simply signing and posting The Good Form means we can do even more for people living with MS!

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