Pierre Marie (1853-1940)

Pierre Marie, the subject of this portrait, was Charcot's greatest pupil (10). Together they researched many neurological diseases, introducing new concepts and conclusions. Eventually Marie succeeded Charcot's position as Chair of Neurology at the Salpêtriere hospital (10). Throughout his working life, Marie continued in the footsteps of Charcot, seeking an understanding of MS.

At the time of Marie's study into MS, its pathology was well established and clinical symptoms were recognised. However the cause of MS remained a mystery.

Louis Pasteur's discoveries of micro-organisms and immunology prompted Marie to perceive MS in a new light. in 1884 (10), Marie provided the next great step in the history of MS, by suggesting for the first time that the disease might be caused by an infectious agent.

A century later, the cause of MS is still unknown but an infectious element in the aetiology is considered likely, emphasising the importance of Marie's contribution.

==> Bruce Frederick Cummings (1889-1919)



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