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New Treatments For Relapsing-Remitting MS


Tuesday February 17 2015 09:37 AM

Tecfidera and Plegridy have been made available in Ireland for people with RRMS

MS Ireland welcomes the news that two new treatments for relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) have been made available in Ireland. Tecfidera, an oral treatment and Plegridy, an injectable treatment, are both therapies for RRMS which will now be accessible through the HSE under the High Tech Drugs Scheme (HTDS) from the 1st March 2015.

Dr Chris McGuigan, Consultant Neurologist at St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin said: “This is a positive development for people with MS in Ireland with two new products being approved for reimbursement. From a physician’s perspective this increases our armamentarium of treatments to help modify the disease course of MS in our patients. MS is a long-term condition and it's important that people with the condition have access to new and efficacious treatments.”

Ms Ava Battles, Chief Executive, MS Ireland said: "We are pleased that these two new treatments for MS will now be reimbursed, giving those living with MS here another important choice in treating their disease. MS Ireland believes people with MS should have access to all and any appropriate and licensed treatments that would improve or assist in the management of their condition. The MS community is very much looking forward to having access to these new treatment options.”

RRMS accounts for approximately eighty-five per cent of all initial diagnoses in MS. Approximately 250 people are diagnosed with MS every year in Ireland, with over 8,000 people directly affected by the condition. The majority of people with RRMS experience approximately one to two relapses per year. Around half of all relapses may leave people with lingering problems and disability may accumulate over time.

Author: MS Ireland

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Wednesday February 18 2015 11:35

I am from South Africa and got a link on my phone
today that was published in the irishtimes of a possible drug that can block M.S. Do I believe it and or when will we have more info, if this is true?


Wednesday February 18 2015 23:00

Hi, my name is Michael, I have MS since 1985 the Primary. Progressive type. I do not take any kind of MS drugs, every drug highlighted is for the RRMS type. So not all MS suffers are joyous or happy with the news of the discovery of new MS drugs. So we as part of the MS community are happy the research is positive for a portion of the MS suffers but what about the Progressive type? CURE?


Thursday February 19 2015 13:54

I'm using Fampyra since August 2014 and it's helping me so much, any chance of this coming under medical card? It's expencive,
Elizabeth Murphy
Have MS since 2006


Thursday February 19 2015 23:19

Im on Fampyra too since November 2014 and i am finding it very good feel like a normal person again. its very expensive will they ever put it on a scheme for us its not fair. fingers crossed they will help with the cost


Friday February 20 2015 18:39

I had been on Fampyra for two years and found it very good but could not afford the cost after that. My neurologist put me on Gilenya in December and after my initial side effects I am finding it very beneficial.


Tuesday February 24 2015 10:56

I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2004 and would like to be considered for a trial for one of the new drugs. I have taken part in a trial before. I am currently using Copaxone. I tried Fampyra but it was not successful for me.


Thursday April 30 2015 06:21

Recently was commenced on the new fortnightly Plegridy injection for RRMS and had to come off it after two injections due to severe skin reaction. I contacted my MS nurse where upon she asked me to inform my drug rep who in turn was not in the least bit interested, could not even accept a photo of the areas for their records. Back to the drawing board.


Tuesday June 16 2015 22:29

I was diagnosed may 2010 with RRMS started with avonex no problems moved too plegridy in April of this year and yes there is a nasty site reaction ..... What works for me is to cover site with a plaster not ideal I know but no site reaction since !!

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